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1.1 - Does it service dual row IDC plugs with a pin pitch of 0.050 (corresponding wire pitch of 0.025")?

Our standard connector is 0.10 pin pitch connector. You will need a 0.10 to 0.050 cable in order to test your 0.050 IDC cable. Hide

1.2 - Is the upload software for window 7?

NO. Hide

1.3 - Why is the LED display not stable and then the product turn down automatically?

Please use the DC 9V cable to connect to this product, and the cable is 150mA or over. Hide

1.4 - Does it detect the cable with different connectors, such as VGI & VGA?

Yes. You can connect to VGA=HDB15 connector , and please connect the connector with more pin to A, and the connector with less pin to B. Hide

1.5 - Does Test-i detec more pin when it connect to USB3.0?

Yes. We will upgrade it. Hide

1.6 - When we use AC/DC adapter with 250mA,500mA, 1A, is the LED display not stable or cannot display the information?

Please do not connect to higher valtage, when we you use DC 9V. Hide

1.7 - Can TEST-i test scart Cables?

We suggest you can use the adaptor which one side connect to the flat with 21 pins or more, such as IDC40, IDC34, DVI29, another side connect to scart cable. Hide

2.1 - Is there a way to manually re-initialize this unit?

It was being used as a tone generator to identify cables. While it was connected to the cable, a digital telephone extension was connected to it accidentally and now it has a blank screen upon power-up. New batteries were installed with no change. Hide

3.1 - Why is CLOCK” not light when we test the HDMI cable?

“CLOCK” means TMDS Clock+, TMDS Clock Shield and TMDS Clock pins. If sometimes the “CLOCK”is not light, please contact us. Hide

3.2 - How come after I added the amplifier on HDMI cable, then the test result becomes inaccurate?

HDMI cable tester function is to verify whether the cable is pass or fail. If you are using a specialized HDMI cable with amplifier, then HDMI cable tester might be inaccurate due to the circuit isolation and impedance changes. Hide

4.1 - He connected GIGA-X to NIC forced to 100Mbps Full duplex. But GIGA-X shows the connection is 100Mbps Half duplex.

Firstly, you should check if there is +5V supplied from the Amini Box.
Or you can try to connect the Mini power guard to a computer and see if the Slave is ON.
We have two models: One is USB type which you have to connect to a USB port to control Slave ON. And another is the sensor type which doesn’t need to connect to a USB port.

If the Amini box’s USB not supply the +5V then you should use the sensor type one.
Hope above could help, have a nice weekend. Hide

4.2 - Someone connected GIGA-X to NIC forced to 100Mbps Full duplex. But GIGA-X shows the connection is 100Mbps Half duplex.

We’ve noticed this issue. Also other multi-function network cable tester from other company has same issue. It might be inaccurate when user is using a network card that’s not IEEE 802 standard. Hide

5.1 - Why does the numbers on the LED display shift automatically when customers test the wire map ?

This means split condition in the cable. Hide

5.2 - Why do we cannot any result of cable when we start the DHCP function?

1. Please set up the IP address.
2. Please set up the product, and then scan the condition of the internet.
3. If one router only, you con identify the cable get the information directly. Hide