Frequently Asked Questions

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1.1 - Why do I need PoEz Power Over Ethernet Detector/PoE Tester?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) IEEE802.3bt standard was officially released in September 2018. Prior to the launch of this standard, global PoE chips and manufacturers have Hi-PoE and UPoE products for high-power applications.
Prior to IEEE802.3bt, the IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at standards have existed for many years. Today, this technology had developed and continues to grow in today’s infrastructures. As a result, some manufacturers have introduced PoE switches, PoE injectors, PoE Cameras that are designed to save cost and special applications for this technology. As with any growing technology, connection and compatibility problems between devices makes the installation and maintenance of the PoE system complicated and difficult to manage.

With Hobbes PoEz - Power Over Ethernet Detector/PoE Tester, it allows engineers to determine whether the PSE transmits signal (via handshake), PoE supply voltage, current, power draw for IEEE 802.3af / 802.3at / UPoE / 802.3bt of Type 3 (4PPoE) and 802.3bt Type 4 to ensure that all network devices are connected.

1.2 - What is PoEz Power Over Ethernet Detector/PoE Tester?

PoEz Power Over Ethernet Detector/PoE Tester supports the latest IEEE 802.3bt standard. It can quickly identify the operating status of the PoE system. It was designed by battery-free technology without interrupting power and network. It is the latest PoE test tool design developed specifically for engineers and installers during PoE system installation such as CCTV/PoE cameras, VOIP phones, Wi-Fi installations, POS Systems and much more.
PoEz supports 4 pairs from a power supply that delivers power over to all 4 Pairs with a maximum measurement of power up to 160W (Mode A 80W, Mode B 80W).

It has a high-resolution OLED screen to clearly display the voltage, current, power data results. The other LED can quickly identify whether the PSE transmits via handshake signals to the PD (Powered Device).

PoEz is easy to use and read. It does not affect power transmission and network speed. PoE inline testing and long-term stability monitoring can facilitate during troubleshooting. With Hobbes PoEz PDS accessory, it simulates a PD to identify the issues on devices. Hide

1.3 - What are the differences between PoEz and PoE Checker PoE Tester?

1. PoEz - able to detect two and four-pair PoE; PoE Checker - able to detect two-pair PoE.

2. PoEz - support PoE IEEE802.3af, IEEE802.3at, UPoE and IEEE802.3bt; PoE Checker - support PoE IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at.

3. PoEz - distinguish whether PSE is active or passive on PoE handshake; PoE Checker - no such function.

4. PoEz - monitoring the receiving voltage, current, and power of a PD; PoE Checker - monitoring the receiving voltage and power of a PD.

5. PoEz - battery-free technology without interrupting power and network; PoE Checker - requires AAA 1.5V battery x 4.

6. PoEz - more compact and lightweight than a regular handheld device; PoE Checker - size of a regular small handheld device.

1.4 - How to use PoEz when PoE polarity is 12-, 36 +, 45 + and 78 - on IEEE 802.3bt PSE?

In rare cases, the current and power of Mode A (12, 36) are zero; Mode B (45, 78) have a value or the current and power of Mode A (12, 36) have value; Mode B (45, 78) is zero, which indicates that the polarity of PSE is designed to be a rare combination of 12-, 36+, 45+, 78-. In this instance, it is necessary to switch the direction of PSE and PD connections to obtain the values of both Mode A and B.

1.5 - I finish the PoE voltage, current and power draw test on PoE injector and wifi access point by PoEz. Then switch the function from display to PSE Status and remove wifi access point. Why does LED light turn on for a few seconds before it flashes?

The reason is that when the powered device is removed, some of the PoE Injector or PoE switch will not immediately stop supplying power, which will cause the PoEz to still detect the PoE power and keep the LED on. Once the PoE Injector or PoE switch stops supplying power, the PoEz LED immediately switches to flash.

1.6 - When using the PoEz to connect the switch and camera to perform PoE long-term monitoring and switch to PSE Status, the LED is on. But why does the PoEz screen show no information when switching the toggle to Display?

This can occur on some PoE switches. Mainly due to the PoEz - Power Over Ethernet Detector/PoE Tester needs reaction time. Wait a few seconds to display the value.

2.1 - What is the maximum power (Watts) that PoE Checker - PoE Tester can measured?

PoE Checker - PoE Tester is able to measure power (Watts) up to 30 watts. In order to protect PD (Powered Device), PoE Checker - PoE Tester is designed to have over-current protection. Once the Current from PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) is too high, PoE Checker - PoE Tester will cut off the transmission function. Hide