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Fiber Optic Cleaver Tool Kits (HFCK-015 ) is a high precision fiber cleaver tool kit. Fiber Optic Cleaver Tool Kits (HFCK-015) is one of the most precise and easy to use fiber cleaver.
Fiber Optic Installation & Repair Tool Kits provides the technician with the basic tools that are essential for fiber optic termination and testing.

Hobbes Low Voltage Systems Engineering Tool Kit provides the necessary tools for termination and test of all the low voltage systems engineering include security system, access control system, surveillance system, landscape lightning and network system.
The Electronic Repair Tool Kits (HT–2020) series has our most basic assortment of quality tools. Many of our customers requested the type of toolkit. Most repairs to computers and workstations can be accomplished with this kit.
The Computer Repair Tool Kits series was designed for your computer installations. All the necessary tools are included for connecting and repairing peripherals at your computer site. This quality toolkit comes at an affordable price.

This Field Service Engineer Tool Kits (HT-2023US, HT-2023EU) was designed for a wide range of electronic equipment and is very popular with service engineers. This kit will fulfill all your service requirements at an exceptional price.
The Voice & Data Tool Kits (HT–6713) is our most complete installation and repair kit for twisted–pair applications. In this tool selection, you get basic troubleshooting and hard to find specialty tool for verifying cable continuity, identify wiring faults, determine line polarity and voltage in network and modular telephone lines.